About Us

Welcome to Grandmother's Kitchen Shop.  We are Heidi & Nancy, a Mother/Daughter team from Canada.  Grandmother's Kitchen has had an active and fun online community since 2013 with many happy customers.  There are nearly 2 million members in our community enjoying our family recipes, community sharing and kitchen fun.

Grandmother's Kitchen Shop is committed to selling high quality, long lasting goods from around the world.  We only choose products that our Grandmother would have been proud of wearing and that we personally have fallen in love with and use daily.  We only sell products that we are personally excited to give as gifts and that we feel confident that you will be excited about when you receive them.

Grandmother's Kitchen Shop came into life when we found what we have called the 'Perfect Scarf'.  We wanted everyone we knew to have one since they have been perfect for everything: cold cozy winters, hot days traveling in humid countries, and for fancy night outs.

Our collection is slowly growing as we find more beautiful items for our closets and yours. The Vintage Style Coin Purse has been one of our favorite items to share and gift. They are beautifully made and evoke the memory of Grandmother opening her purse to share a coin for the candy store.

We do our absolute best to provide wonderful customer service and truly do care that you are happy.  We can be reached via email at SUPPORT@GRANDMOTHER-KITCHEN-SHOP.REAMAZE.COM and do our best to respond within 1-3 days.


Heidi & Nancy
Grandmother's Kitchen