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The honey bee is beloved and symbolizes harmony, brightness, personal power and community.   This honey bee brooch has a body with vibrant yellow and black enamel. The stripes on the body are created from sparkling clear Czech stones. The filigree wings are creatively enameled and the outlining is all 18k gold plating.  The design of this honey bee brooch is a delightful depiction of the honey bee.
Materials: Enamel, Zinc Alloy, Czech Crystal Stone, 18k Gold Plating

Zinc Alloy in the jewelry is lead-free and safe to wear.
Enamel in jewelry has various names. Painted glass, porcelain enamel and vitreous enamel. It is the decorative coating that is applied to the metal and has a bright luster to it.
Czech crystals are man made lead glass crystals that come from manufacturers in the Czech Republic. They are unparalleled in quality and shine. They must have at least 24% lead content.
18k gold plating contains 75% pure gold that is mixed with other metals for better strength and hardness.  

Size: 1 1/4 x 1 1/2 inches (2.8*3.7cm)
Weight: 6.4g
An easy to use secure clasp on the back.

Honey Bee Brooch - $19 FREE SHIPPING PROMO
Honey Bee Brooch - $19 FREE SHIPPING PROMO
Honey Bee Brooch - $19 FREE SHIPPING PROMO
Honey Bee Brooch - $19 FREE SHIPPING PROMO