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 Just like Grandmother's hug when you surround yourself in a Cozy Wrap.

Easy to drape over your shoulders and wrap yourself up in. Great for inside when you are on the couch reading, watching TV or your computer.

Great for outside when its chilly. Wonderful car blankets, or if you are going to watch sports. Handy to take traveling on your flight to keep the chill off. You can flip over and wear your Cozy Wrap either way, both sides have a little bit different patterning.

One Size: 51 inches x 61 inches  (130cm x 155cm)
Material: Acrylic/Polyester
Cleaning: Cozy wraps are super soft after they have been washed.
Easy cleaning with gentle warm machine wash. Damp dry setting on dryer or a lower dry setting as the cozy wraps dry very quickly... check for dryness after about 10 minutes. We usually pull from the dryer at this point and just hang over a door for final drying.  

Cozy Wraps - 3 Browns Mustard Rust Black Squares / One Size
Cozy Wraps - Teal Purple & Navy / One Size
Cozy Wraps - Browns Rusts Blues Beige Aztec Color 18 / One Size
Cozy Wraps - Smoke Black / One Size